Time is your most important asset.

Handle and invest with intent and care.

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You are valuable, and your time is your most precious asset. The great thing about time is that we get the same measure each day, regardless of status, class, location, or category.

Yet, for whatever reason, knowing this fact doesn’t necessarily translate to much if the mind doesn’t see clearly.

Time is a gift, and to realize that value, you have to see, understand and apply yourself.

To time ownership!

When you start to understand time, like the writer of Proverbs, you begin to understand the foundational laws of the universe.

Value is discovered, created, and revealed in time.

And the secret to managing your time is knowing what you want, when, and why. As we shift from survival to thriving in 2021, I reflect on the previous year, 2020.

Canvassing through the carnage of what 2020 left behind, I see untold losses. Family, friends, relationships, way of life, well-being, humanity, kindness, and yes, time. Also within that debris of immense loss is some sliver of hope; for a while, we know most of what is lost; we know only little of what is gained.

Our gains might not be obvious, but somehow, I feel that it starts with reclaiming time. How do you start that process of claiming your time?

It starts with a plan, an intentional plan.

Understand how finite time is and treat time in blocks. Set your time for what matters most to you first before it gets crowded with other activities.

Then, see time not spent by you as a trading chip that you should be willing to get something tangible back in return.

Protect your time

Recall, when the Californian congresswoman Maxine Waters asserted her right to her limited allotment of minutes at a hearing a few years ago?

While the sentence is a standard procedural language — It was a remark that resonated deeply. Whenever Ms. Waters wasn’t getting the responses you asked for, she would calmly interrupt by saying, “I reclaim my time,” before returning yet again to her question. Her calmed demeanor combined with unwavering authority revealed an attitude of time ownership that literally went viral and inspired adoration.

Develop an ownership mindset

As an owner of any asset, you have choices.
You can be passive or active.
You can be intentional or casual.
The choice is yours, always has, and always will be.

But, I hope you commit to being active and intentional about getting back what you’ve lost.

Be accountable for your time.

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Leadership Psychologist, Executive Coach, Public Speaker & Strategist

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Dr. Flo Falayi

Dr. Flo Falayi

Leadership Psychologist, Executive Coach, Public Speaker & Strategist

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